Our Store is located in southwest Houston on Beechnut Street but our focus is making authentic and fresh food and halal meat from the Motherland of African to all people in Houston and beyond.

The concept of Motherland African Food Market is very simple: The best food items and delicious cuisines; sold by a friendly and highly professional crew; in the cleanest store environment; at the lowest possible prices.    

Our entire business is driven by these bedrock principles, no compromising them. Stop by today and avail yourself a pleasantly different new shopping experience and while there, pick up some generously prepared takeaway cuisines that is guaranteed to make you come back.     

Motherland African Food and Halal Meat Market was formed to serve the Houston community and beyond with excellent Motherland African produce at affordable prices. The store is managed by an experienced business owner who has being in business for many years. Motherland African Food Market is not his first business so he knows how to run a business.     

Motherland African Food Market is located at Southwest Houston Texas serving all nearby areas. The store is restocked daily to meet health conscious customers’ needs. 

Professionally trained personnel with excellent experience in customer service are always available to assist you in making the best selection from fresh produce and products from the motherland of Africa.